Ugly Duck VR

The Ugly Duck VR project is an exploration of using Photoshopped 360° stereoscopic images that tells an immersive story on Google Cardboard in a video-slideshow format. The final result is a two & a half minute video slideshow of 10 different panoramic sceneries, each featuring characters that were pasted in post production, as well as layered audio, to tell a modern interpretation of the classic Ugly Duckling fairy tale story. Each scene is roughly 15 seconds long, giving the viewer time to scan the scene all the way around them, with the in-video characters visually leading them through the story's timeline. The video is viewed locally on Android phones in any Google Cardboard viewer using the VR Theater app.



The background scene images were taken around various locations in Duluth, MN, using Cardboard Camera by Google. Once a panorama is taken by the app, the software analyzes the image for depth and applies it using an algorithm. The images are saved to the phone in a .vr.jpg format, which can then be uploaded to Cardboard Camera Toolkit, created by The utility extracts the left and right view stereo images from the file, as well as background audio that is recorded while the picture is being taken. This audio was used as part of the layered background audio in the final production. From there, each left and right view image is edited in Photoshop and joined together side by side.

Original panoramic image created in downtown Duluth.


Below is a web-formatted version of the video.